Easy DIY Starry "Sky" Activity
I am very far from a put-together Pinterest Queen... although I have oodles of "boards" with the most perfect things pinned that I will "do one day", but this starry sky idea was one that I was instantly obsessed with. A perk? It's SO easy and you probably have everything you need in your house right now.
You'll need a decent sized box, screwdriver, string lights, and scissors or a box cutter. It's such an easy and quick DIY, simply poke holes in the top of the box with the screwdriver and then carefully place the lights into each hole. Make sure to leave enough length to be able to plug in the lights. I also cut the top flap of the box off with a box cutter. You could use scissors too, but I found it kind of difficult to cut through the cardboard. Obviously, this could potentially be a fire hazard, so only have the lights plugged in while you are attending and only for a bit. 
Initially, I thought Harlow would get the most entertainment out of this, but Declan and Crew thought it was the coolest thing ever... and it makes an adorable photo op, too!
Have fun and I'd love to hear any other fun and easy DIY ideas you have!

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