FREEBIE MYSTERY NUMBER GAME- A fun game for your little learner
The former first grade teacher in me is all giddy inside that MY OWN BABY is in first grade. Yesterday, I listened to him read me a story and Jordan said when he looked over, my eyes were huge and I had this grin on my face, like I was #oneproudmama. And I am. I love seeing their little lightbulbs go off when they figure something out or that excitement to show you something they finally mastered. 

Yesterday, Declan and I played a game he calls Get Off My Back... and you'll understand in just a bit. The concept of the game is similar to Guess Who where one player is asking questions to guess what the mystery is, and in this case, we were playing with numbers up to 50, however the beauty of this game is you can modify to whatever level your child is at... and you don't have to limit it to math. SAY WHAT?! 

-Depending on the game you are playing or the focus topic, you will need the filled out chart or blank chart I provided
-Sticky Notes
-Writing tool to scratch out the options while playing
-2 players
**TIP: Laminate the chart for re-use or use a clear sleeve so you
can use a dry-erase marker.

  1. Choose the secret number, write it on a sticky note, and put it on the other player’s back. For example, I am going to teach you to play with the number 25. Make sure the player does not peek or see this number. They will be trying to figure this mystery number out by asking questions, kinda like “Guess Who”. 
  2. Using the appropriate number chart, the player will begin to ask questions about the mystery number, such as, “Does this number have a 2 in it?” That is a great beginner question, but my goal for Declan was to use more mathematical terms and thinking when playing, such as, “Is there a 2 in the tens place?” 
  3. It’s the other players' turn to answer back to the question, so in this case, “Yes, there is a 2 in the tens place.” 
  4. The player trying to guess the number then can use that information to cross out numbers on their number chart. The player would cross out numbers 1-19 and 30-50, because they now know this number has a 2 in the tens place and is in the range of 20-29. 
  5. Continue to play the game, repeating steps 2-4 until the player guessing the number is able to accurately guess the mystery number and verify with the sticky note on their back. 



This game can be used for literally ANY TOPIC, including reading, word study, shapes… the list goes on! I have included other charts and a blank chart so you can customize your own board game.


Get the FREEBIE game pack here.

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