Harlow's Nursery Tour |Vintage Boho Glam|
I have always dreamed of the day I'd be able to design a baby girl nursery. Honestly, I never thought I would actually see that day, so when we found out Harlow was a girl, my heart fluttered with the thought of creating the perfect nursery for her. My Pinterest board exploded with oodles of inspo pics and I knew from the beginning that I wanted a statement wall... one that would be KA-BOOM-SWOON when you walked in... so that is where I started and the rest kind of flowed in from there, piece by piece.
I saw the wood panel accent wall idea here (that links to her tutorial on Instagram) and knew I had to incorporate it in. I loved that it could grow with her and become a headboard once she moves to her big girl bed. The best part? It was SUPER EASY to do! 
The wallpaper. Another thing I stumbled on and just knew I wanted it in there and came up with the idea of layering the wood wall over the vintage floral wallpaper. I love that you can see the floral details peeking through the slats and it's vintage boho vibe. It's super easy to apply and creates such a bold statement when you walk into the room. I was able to pull colors from the flowers to use throughout the room and leaned more towards warmer tones... natural woods, tans, peachy-pink, dark green, gold. 
Her name sign was the perfect addition to this statement wall and I am absolutely smitten with how it turned out. I also love that it is from a local small business and we were able to use a custom font that I sent over to her. 
The acrylic crib was another piece of the nursery I saw and instantly fell in love. I loved that you could also see the wood slatted wall through it and just had an airy feel and added a touch of "glam". I took the acrylic theme of the crib and incorporated it into other parts of the nursery too!
I wanted to add lots of texture in her room, so went with a semi-shaggy rug and a tasseled chandelier which I just LOVE. Threw in a flokati pillow and some lace accented curtains to just give some extra elements to the space. I also debated between a cream linen or this distressed forest velvet recliner and I am so glad I went with this bold pop of color to bring out some of the greens in the wallpaper and some contrast.
OBSESSED with our Lollipop Baby Monitor/Camera! We had another previously and it just wasn't anything great. That one and this one were the same price point and the Lollipop has a TON more features, such as a built in sound machine, cry detection, as well as smart detection so you get alerted if your babe goes outside of certain areas of the crib. I'll make sure to do another blog post with all the deets. 
I wanted to tie in the acrylic in other elements of the room, so decided to do acrylic bookshelves and so glad I did! These are one of the most frequently asked about decor pieces in Harlow's nursery. 
There was this awkward bare area on the wall to the right of the dresser, so I decided to continue the floral over there too for an extra pop. It is exactly what that blank space needed and those are actually decals rather than the wallpaper that is on the main statement wall. I created an area for Harlow to lounge and play and I love the simplistic wooden play gym. It's so easy to pick up and take to another area of the house too! 
I sprinkled my Grandma into parts of the nursery so that within every view is a little memory of her. She had that exact type of plant in her house as soon as you walked in her front door. Her front door was where she always greeted you with a huge hug and kiss on each cheek, so when I saw that particular plant at the store, I knew it had to go somewhere in Harlow's room. 
I stumbled upon Cuddle + Kind dolls while pregnant with Harlow and knew I had to have one, not only because they are adorable and this swan's name is Harlow, but because each doll purchased feeds 10 children in need. The dolls are handmade by artisans in Peru and I love knowing that each purchase is supporting such a wonderful cause. 
|dresser, mirror (discontinued so similar linked)|
Harlow's dresser was actually one that we used for both boys. It was super banged up and needed some new paint to spruce it back up. We debated keeping it white, but decided to do a custom color match to a color in one of the flowers in the wallpaper. We were able to take a piece of the wallpaper to Sherwin Williams and they did such an awesome job getting us a peachy color that really pops in the room. I ordered some new knobs and it instantly gave it a new look that fit the vibe of the room perfectly. 
Don't be afraid to get creative with things that are actually meant for other uses! I found this gold wire tiered basket in the kitchen area and it's meant for fruit and veggies...but instantly knew it would be perfect for on top of Harlow's dresser. It's a perfect space to hold teethers and small toys, as well as burp cloths. It could also work for swaddles, bibs, diapers, and more! 
I decided to use a kitchen storage glass canister to hold Harlow's pacifiers and love that they are out but "protected from the elements" while being super easy to grab when needed. The glass soap dispenser has hand sanitizer in it for before/after diaper changes to quickly "clean up" and I love that it is so much more chic than a container of hand sanitizer sitting on the dresser. 
This vase is actually one that we used at our wedding. It was just a glass vase and I painted it white and then used a small sanding block to distress it. I absolutely love that we could incorporate something from our wedding day into her nursery!
Dried Bunny Tail adds a touch of texture and whimsy to the dresser space that fits right along with the color hues in the room. 
With the boys, I had all the "essentials" such as diapers, wipes, creams, etc. on the actual dresser. I decided to use this rattan tiered stand instead so that it cleared up some space on the dresser and it did not disappoint. I love being able to put all the baby essentials in one location and each tier has different things, such as diaper supplies in the top and bath time items in another. Makes an easy and adorable way to organize things without cluttering up space on the dresser. 
|brass frames, laundry basket (similar style)|
Another area where my Grandma is sprinkled into the nursery... the artwork on the walls include pressed eucalyptus and greenery from her funeral floral arrangement. These were so easy to create and add such a special remembrance to the space.
Harlow has quite the headband collection so I decided to create a space to showcase them, while also displaying exactly what we have so choosing the perfect headband would be a cinch. This was the easiest Ikea hack EVER. Simply get a wooden dowel rod from your local hardware store like Lowe's or Home Depot and VOILA! I just had Jordan cut it down and then it is set on top of the bottom portion of the brackets. 
|kid rattan chair (Home Goods) *similar linked here|
The blanket on the side of Harlow's crib is one that I used when I was a baby. Love that I could mix in a bit of "true vintage" to her room.
So there it is! Harlow's long-awaited nursery tour and I am so in love with how it all came together. Let me know if I missed something or you have any questions! 

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    Hi, the link doesn’t seem to take me to the tutorial. Any advice on how to find it?

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    where did you purchase the rattan diaper holding basket shelf????

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    Do you have another link to the tutorial for the wood accent wall? The one posted isn’t working anymore.

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    I am not seeing the link for the wood wall. Would you mind sending?

  • Alesha On

    Thank you for taking the time to show us all the details. It turned out beautifully!

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