Hospital Bag Must-Haves
On to the third babe and I now know what I really want and need in "the bag"... or should I say "bags" (Mama, Dad, Little). I think it's super easy to over-analyze it all and overpack, so I am sharing with your my must-haves that are great to have in your hospital bags. 


I use a carry-on suitcase. Fits everything I need and it's so much easier to find what I am searching for (or rather my husband who struggles to find anything) versus a big tote where I feel like everything it just in a bottomless pit. PLUS, it's easy to roll up into the hospital. 

Body Wash

Face Wash/Wipes (I prefer these wipes. With having c-sections, it's easier to do it versus getting out of the bed when it's difficult those first couple of days.) I also love Norwex body clothes to wash my face/body and with these, you just need water.)

Facial Moisturizer (Cannuka is my FAVE)

A Good CC Cream (I don't want a full face of make-up, but I want to look human. I LOVE this CC Cream to even out skin-tone and cover and redness.)

Hair Brush

Hair Ties (Invisibobbles are LIFE)

Dry Shampoo (Shampoo/Conditioner if you are an over-achiever and want to actually wash your hair) (My fave dry shampoo is Not Your Mothers)



Frida Mom Disposable Underwear (not a must because the hospital will have these, but these are SO much softer and comfy feeling) ** I've heard Mamas recommend Depends, however I don't mind the mesh panties and their GIANT pads (which they provide), but totally up to you.)

Nipple Balm (My go-to... I've tried LOTS with the boys)

Nursing Pads (LOVE Bamboobies and the overnight ones are my FAVE, especially when figuring out those first few weeks with constant leaks) **Even if you don't plan on nursing, you will probably leak, so it's great to have them on hand. My hospital had disposable ones but they were not the comfiest, so I prefer to bring my own. 

Maternity/Nursing Bras (I LOVE these... so comfy)

Nursing Pillow

Comfy Undies (But if you are like me, I live for those mesh panties... I wear those suckers as long as I can... #dontjudgeme) *If having a c-section, I highly suggest granny panties or ones that are high-waisted. I found ones that sit at my bikini line to be super irritating. 

Robe/Nursing Gowns (Love this gown and this robe. See more of my faves on the list.) 

Lip Balm (Again, LOVE the Cannuka lip balm)

Phone Charger With A Longer Cord (Helpful depending on how your room is set up and getting the cord to be near you and your hospital bed.)

Non-Skid Socks (However, I truly don't mind the hospital ones so I don't bother packing these.)

Going Home Outfit (I do maternity leggings and an oversized Declan + Crew sweatshirt or tee... something COMFY.) 

Your ID, Birth Plan (if you have one), Any Other Paperwork Required

Snacks (I legit lived off the hospital jello and graham crackers, but if that's not your jam, you can pack some of your fave snacks and drinks.)

*These are things that I personally like to have packed, however it can vary based on your wants and needs. Check with your hospital to see what they provide and go from there. Some like to take advantage of what they have and pack less, but some like their own things, such as your own pillow versus theirs, etc. 


You could pack this with your bag, but I like to have it all separate, especially because it makes it easier for my husband to locate in case I cannot get out of the bed to do so. I packed Baby Girl's goodness in a small Itzy Ritzy mini backpack and LOVE how it all fit so well and is easy to locate. 

Pacis (Hospitals have these, but they each use their own brand and I want her to get used to the ones I bought.) **I also LOVE these pacifier holders to keep them clean while they aren't in use and in your bag.

Wipes (Our hospital has dry cloths and water that you can use, but for convenience, we packed sensitive wipes.) **We use the hospital diapers, but again, check in with your hospital to see what they provide.

Bottle (You will learn if it is your first that you go in with a plan and it can get shifted. My plan with Declan was no formula in the hospital, but due to unforeseen events, we had to supplement. The formula bottles they use have FAST nipples and made it so easy for Declan to eat, so when it came to nursing, he was lazy and not happy that he had to work harder to get milk from me. We now pack a brand of bottle that we plan to use when we get home with a slow flow nipple that we can have on hand just in case we need to use it. 

Burp Cloths (Our hospital has them, but I prefer to bring my own that are softer. I am loving these.)

Swaddle Blanket (I packed one, but we usually just use the hospital ones.)

Going Home Outfit (I packed the most unrealistic outfit for Declan because it was cute. I made this custom gown with his name down the side. It was a hot mess trying to buckle him in his car seat in a gown and now my theory is COMFY and PRACTICAL. I LOVE the little newborn 2-piece outfits from Lou Lou + Company. SO SOFT, comfy, and adorable. Also make sure to pack for the departure which would be weather dependent, such as a hat, thicker blanket, etc. We ordered this from Amazon which doesn't alter the car seat safety, but will be nice for colder temps. **I don't mess with outfits for in the hospital because I honestly prefer the white kimonos that the hospital provided us. With their little belly button cords and how often there are diaper changes, those just worked so well for us and we used the hospital swaddles to keep them snug as a bug. 

Car Seat (Should be installed and ready to go. Make sure there are no random attachments and most of these are not safe, such as head supports not provided by the car seat company.)


Jordan is super simple and will probably pack his bag the day before or as I am saying my water just broke. BUT, here is a quick list of what he's planning to pack. We live fairly close to the hospital, so his theory is that if he needs anything he can come home or grab it at a store close by. **Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, comfy outfits, phone charger, camera, hair gel, snacks.

Hope this helps you pack your own bag! Now, tell me things that you want/need in your bags?!


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