Meal Planning Like A Boss...Or At Least Hoping It Goes That Way
"What's for dinner?" Ahhhh, that question that leaves Jordan and I looking at each other blankly with a giggle. This usually results in cereal or going out to eat. Now, I usually can bribe Jordan into getting tacos (HELLO? That's a score in my book.) buuuut, not only does it get pricey eating out often, but it's not the most healthy option either. 

Meal Planning. I've known for a while this is what we have to start doing. For so long, we've said "we were going to start" and then used excuses like, "We're just too busy this weekend to do that." Bye Bye Cereal. This Mama is getting her crap together. 

I need to be accountable. So, I decided to hop on here each weekend and share our weekly "menu" with you guys! Hoping that this not only helps me, but my Mamas to maybe find a recipe or two that you could use to make dinners each week so much easier. So, here we go... take a peek at what's going in our bellies this week.

** is an amazing resource for legit quick and easy recipes. I'm obsessed and you'll see I pull a lot of them from there, but this week was all Pinterest.

MONDAY: Crock Pot Roast **We haven't tried this specific recipe, but similar and it's SO good that, once cooked to perfection, the meat gets so darn tender and juicy. We are subbing out the potatoes in the crock pot for some mashed potatoes, but you can get creative with what veggies you add in there. Get the recipe here

TUESDAY: Crock Pot Chicken + Dumplings **SO good! Don't have time for homemade dumplings? Biscuits make such a yummy alternative! We are obsessed with this super easy dish. Get the recipe here

WEDNESDAY: Shrimp Boil Foil Packets **I LOVE these so much. This recipe says to grill, which is our fave way to make them, but they do well in the oven too! These can be a little spicy, so we make the boys packs without the seasoning and add chicken rather than shrimp. An easy way to make it more appealing to the littles. Get the recipe here.

THURSDAY: Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili **First time trying this, but I have a feeling we are going to love it. Get the recipe here

FRIDAY: EAT OUT...probably tacos. HAHAHHA...

But will my kids eat it? We are pretty firm in regards to you eat what we eat...and if you don't, you don't eat. May sound harsh, BUT I am a firm believer that if they are hungry, they will eat. We always try to have some fresh fruits or veggies in the middle of the table so if they really aren't digging what we make (which is 98% off the time unless it's Kraft Mac N' Cheese), they at least have something healthy in their bellies. This doesn't mean we don't substitute out easy things in meals, like not adding seasoning to their chicken (such an EASY fix so that we don't have to eat bland), but we do make them their plate, just like ours and encourage them to at least try it. 

Wanna find my mother load of recipes? I made a special Pinterest Board where I will put all of these in one place! You can follow along here
Annnd take a peek at what my little did while I tried to #adult and meal plan this week...#momlife

May your meal planning be a little easier this week, 
XO, Amber



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