These are a few of my favorite things...
You know the drill. You wake up and you do ALL of the things..all day every day...which can require some of your most favorite things to keep you going and crushin' the day. Wanna know what keeps this busy mama going?! Take a peek into my #motherload of 14 things that this mama cannot live without. 


Oh SNAP..these three are the holy grail of hair tools to tame that dry-shampooed hair.

First up, SPIN PINS..I got 99 bobby pins but I can't find one..and if I do, I have to use literally all 99 to get all those random pieces to cooperate without looking like a wild bird. See that corkscrew lookin' thing up there? They do the work of 20 bobby pins..let me spell that out for you T-W-E-N-T-Y. #micdrop.. but for real. They are amazing for my thick, fine, unruly hair and I typically only need two of them to do a quick top knot on days where I need to create a quick look. You can snag them at most department stores like Target, Wal-Mart, or Walgreens..or Amazon. Snag them here

Next up, INVISIBOBBLES.. oh my STARS..where have these been all my life?! You know the annoyance of doing your hair, putting it up, then putting it down and that dreaded crease appears, sooo back up it has to go? Sure you do. These things are the bee's knees and do not leave that pesky crease. I mean it. They are the ONLY hair ties I use now. Snag them here and say #byefelicia to those oh-so-annoying hair creases.

Sometimes our hair wants some flair and these geo bobby pins are so darn cute to add a little glam to any look. The perfect way to pin your hair back out of your face! Snag them here. Here are my fave ways to wear them.

SPEAKING OF HAIR..who HATES blow drying their hair as much as me? 


See that pretty purple bottle? Spritz that on your hair when damp and it helps to lessen dry time. Heck yes..use that extra time to go fold the laundry that has been in the hamper for 5 days (ehh, maybe 3 weeks). I bought it at a local beauty supply store so you may want to ask your stylist where she/he recommends to purchase it from that is legit. I found this video from Youtube explaining how it works and it is pretty cool to see the how behind it. 

Those little clips work WONDERS to separate hair into smaller sections to dry more quickly. I got those from TJ Maxx for less than $5, but you can snag them here too!

And if you want to skip washing your hair altogether to avoid the inevitable hair drying..this is an option and by the end of the week, about 60% of my body weight consists of it. 
MAJOR SNAPS for the creator of dry shampoo. You da real MVP. I used to be a Batiste lover, and although I do still really love it, this one has won me over. I will say, I have tried dozens of dry shampoos..all price points and this one works so well for me. My secret? I apply it at night, sleep on it, then comb it out in the morning when I wake up. Works every time. #magic I get mine as an add-on item from Amazon, but you can find Not Your Mother's at most stores. 

On to my FACE..seeing as this is my last year in my twenties, anti-aging is a real thing. I am noticing little wrinkles in places that used to be so perky popping up on random locations of my face. Aside from wrinkles, my face is SO dry. I've tried a wide assortment of products to get my face under wraps from the flaking and Senegence's Climate Control is my one-stop "solve it all" product. I spritz it on every morning and night as a moisturizer and it has made such a difference in the texture of my skin. Did I mention that it smells like ORCHIDS?! Better yet? I even use it on sun burns, the boys' when their skin gets dry in the winter, razor burn (you know, like 5 times a year when I decide to shave my legs..JK, of course), diaper rash, stretch marks on my stomach, and more. Check it out here and go here to snag some for YOU. 

You can call me a GLOSS BOSS..
Speaking of orchids, this Orchid Gloss from Senegence is my go-to when I want a little color on my lips, but find myself scrambling around the house in my leggings and graphic tee. NO WAX and contains shea butter to make that pout of yours waaaayyy soft. There are tons of shades to choose from too. Snag one here. Want lip COLOR that stays for hours without smudging? I got ya covered on that too...don't you worry, girlfriend.

On to these KICKS..I found these at Target this week and I fell in love. For only $35, you best bet I snatched them up. They are mega-comfy and perfect to rock while doin' that mom thing you do. I got mine in stores, but here is the link to snag them online. And this mama is hardcore swooning over these too while we are at it. #youcanneverowntoomanypairsofblackshoes

WHAT'S IN MY CUP?..or should I say tumbler..
Because EVERY mama needs a tumbler that keeps her caffeinated beverage HOT or COLD while she is being preoccupied with those babes all day. I use this one almost every single day and prefer tea over coffee. Teavana's loose leaf teas have my heart..English Breakfast for the win. #basic..Snag one here.

This girl is not a huge water fan..but considering we need it to survive, I use these drops in my water. I am a total weirdo about artificial sweeteners and will not touch a product that contains Sucralose or Aspartame..THIS right here is sweetened with natural sweeteners AND tastes good, so win-win for me! 

I am not a super crunchy mom..but I do love essential oils. I can't say I use them 24/7, but these two are my go-to oils for myself. I love Stress Away from Young Living and Serenity from Doterra. They are both amazing and do a great job with stress and anxiety, both of which are things I am working on this year. I diffuse them, as well as apply them topically. Stress Away when the sun comes up and Serenity when the sun goes down. Wanna try oils and get more info? I know some amazing consultants that can help! Reach out to me! 

And finishing off here with a BANG..

YOU, mama..YOU are too hard on yourself. If you are like me, I tend to wake up and compare myself to everything and everyone around me. It's easy to do, I mean, we are living in a society where everything on the outside seems so perfect. I can tell you right now that I am so guilty of taking that "picture perfect" photo..but what you don't know or see is that it took me 15 minutes to clean up that cluttered floor or wipe up a stray, crusty mac 'n cheese noodle off the floor from last night's dinner. Never be fooled by social media and the visual aesthetics that you are drawn to mesmerizing about. We are ALL a hot mess..well, maybe not ALL..but most of us are..we just choose what we let the world see. Anyways, a fellow mama in my VIP group on Facebook shared this book. I ordered it off Amazon and started reading it on a long car ride to our hometown. There are so many parts in this book that I felt like took the words right out of my mouth. It's a good one and so worth reading. Get it here

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT.. A few things that keep me fueling each and every day. I wanna know..what are YOUR fave things?! Tell me in the comments! 

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  • Melissa On

    I am officially an invisibobble convert. I thought they would be terrible but I am in LOVE.

  • Ashley Albert On

    Love this post. I’m going to check out some of these for myself especially those invisibobbles! Also, have you tried essential oils in your water vs that Stur stuff? Just curious since you already use them in the diffuser. Not all are safe for ingesting but they’re great to add to your water or teas!

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