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I can't not shareany longer...
Block 8th
Thank you SO much for being excited with me about this huge pivot I am embarking on. I would be lying if I didn't admit that I am TERRIFIED (with all capital letters), but I finally decided to follow where my heart has been for a while now. Although there is a bit of fear, there is this huge amount of faith and passion for what's to come. 
“You can't hit the ball if you don't swing the bat.”
Now you're probably like “what made you wanna do this?!” I spent 30+ years of my life in a toxic relationship with movement. After having my third baby in 2019, I got back into my “rhythm” with working out… but this time, it was different. I started to genuinely love the process… the journey, the daily challenge, rather than just focusing on my “end goals”. And that mindset shift was what unlocked my inner power to realize that daily movement
(whatever that looked like in that season) was more than the number on the tag in my pants, what I glared down at when I stepped on the scale, or even what I physically saw when I checked myself out in the mirror. It became something that fueled me mentally, emotionally, and physically. 
One thing led to another. From ordering my Peloton bike when lockdown happened in 2020 to taking my first Pilates and then a Lagree class a couple years later… I spiraled into shifting my own mindset of “I have to move my body,” to “I want to move my body and challenge my mind.” Lots of steps outside of my comfort zone to not only get stronger physically and mentally, but begin inspiring and coaching others to unlock their own inner-fire and channel it in a way that you can apply it in the real world when you walk out the studio doors. Teaching fuels my fire in ways I cannot explain. It's my happy place.
I believe that movement is medicine… that it is more than just a work-out. It's more than anything physical in the external sense. Movement is power, a lifestyle, meditation, and has the power to connect your mind, body, and soul in ways that unleash your highest potential.
As You Are… embracing you as you are right now and supporting you to become the absolute best version of yourself through rhythm cycling, strength, and meditation. A space where my ultimate hope is that you come in for so much more than just a good workout, learn to fall in love with the process, and truly embrace yourself every step of the way. I hope when you walk through the doors, you feel more than enough, loved, welcome, and consider yourself a pivotal part of our team + community
I cannot wait to share more with you as we nail down our construction team and am beyond thankful to have you here with me as we do something larger than life within these (soon to be built) studio walls.

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xo, Amber


“It's time to get out of your mind and into your body”

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  • Belinda On

    This is such an exciting chapter for you and your family! What happens to D&C? Will you continue running it??

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