Gluten + Dairy Free Nut Butter Berry Fold-Up "Quesadilla"
Had to share this one because it is SO GOOD🔥 I recently started an elimination diet due to healing my gut and it's been HARD. No gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, strawberries... these are things that are personally triggers for me, so I decided to cut them out cold turkey. 
Gluten and dairy-free… and YUMMY! #tasteslikedessert

What I Used:

-Siete Almond Flour Tortillas (you’ll want to warm them up on the skillet for 10ish seconds on each side) *can use flour tortillas

-Fresh Berries (I did blackberries and blueberries, but strawberries and raspberries are SO good in this)

-Kirkland Mixed Nut Butter (this stuff is 🔥 and I’m obsessed but could use peanut butter)

-Raw Honey

**Slice the tortilla halfway up on one side so you can fold.
**I spread the nut butter on that first 1/4 section.
**Put the berries on the second 1/4 section and smash them down a little. I used my fingers to do this before putting them on the tortilla.
**Fold the nut butter part over onto the berry part.
**Put more nut butter on the third 1/4 section. I squashed and put a few more berries on top of the nut butter.
**Drizzle some honey in that last 1/4 section.
**Fold the sections over two more times to make this “triangle” shape.
**Fry on low until crispy and golden brown.
It is all melty and warm inside and oh myyyy STARS… try it🤤 Even my husband was googly-eyed and wanted one. Definitely a #musttry! 

XO, Amber

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